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Zimbabwe spent Kes 15M on judges wigs

The government of Zimbabwe has come under fire after it emerges that they spent an equivalent of Kes 15 million on importation of judges wigs from UK.

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The Zimbabwe independent newspaper stated that the Judicial Service Commission placed an order for 64 horse hair wigs from Stanley Ley Legal Outfitter in London at a cost of Kes 244,542 each thus totaling to Kes 15 million for all of them.

Zimbabwe Chief Justice Swears in Chiwenga, Mohadi as Country's Co-Vice Presidents
Zimbabwe Chief Justice Swears in Chiwenga, Mohadi as Country’s Co-Vice Presidents [IMAGE/COURTESY]

Lawyers and human rights activists have expressed their anger on such a move stating its a complete mismanagement of funds.

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Hopewell Chin’ono, a leading Zimbabwean journalist and documentary filmmaker questioned how a government can allocate Kes 15 million on wigs when the same government can afford bandages and betadine for infants in pediatric wards.


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