Young Shujaa 7s reach Challenge Cup Finals

After being eliminated from the Main Cup, the young Shujaa 7s took the winning spirit of their last main cup group game against France into the Challenge Cup. And in-deed, the young boys didn’t disappoint.

At the Challenge Cup quarter finals they played Tonga, a game they won 19-12

Shujaa 7s beat Tonga 19-12 in Challenge Cup quarter finals

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The boys then played Argentina in the semi-finals where they easily won 24-7, making light work of the Argentines.

Shujaa 7s beat Argentina 24-7 in Challenge Cup semi finals

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They then booked the ticket to the final against England where the match ended 7-36 in favour of England

Shujaa 7s lost 7-36 to England at the Challenge Cup finals



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