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World’s most expensive divorce: Amazon’s Bezos divorce cost revealed

Wife of Inc Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos walks out of the marriage with an amount that has immediately taken her to be world’s 3rd richest woman.

Under a divorce settlement of Jeff Bezos with his wife MacKenzie Bezos, the CEO will retain voting control of his entire USD 143 Billion (Ksh 14.3 trillion). The wife will take 25 percent of the shares.

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Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos
Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos [IMAGE/COURTESY]

The world’s richest couple had announced of their impending divorce through a Twitter statement back in January.

MacKenzie Bezos will wind up with a stake in Amazon that is worth $36 billion (Ksh 3.6 trillion). According to Forbes, these shares will make her the world’s 3rd richest woman.

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MacKenzie will give up her interest in Washington Post, a company purchased by Jeff Bezos in 2013 and also the rocket company Blue Origin, that he founded in 2000.



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