Woman in LGBT mask at PCEA Church lights up internet

A woman putting on a mask, with LGBTQ flag colors in PCEA Church Umoja Nairobi, has left internet users talking.

In a photo that has gone viral, the woman was captured leading a worship session at PCEA Umoja in an event that was aired live on Citizen TV. However, what captured the attention of netizens was the rainbow colors on the woman mask.

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The woman who was deep in worship had a good taste of fashion for those who viewed it from a fashion perspective. She had marched her yellow dress with a mask that had a blend of rainbow colors associated with LGBT.

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Netizens with divergent opinions shared their thoughts about the lass putting on the mask to church. Those who came to her defense said maybe she put on the mask unknowingly, while others said maybe she got the mask from her child. They are those who opined that even LGBTQ needs space in the church. Those of contra opinion were quick to judge saying the church had approved LGBT.

However, putting on the mask doesn’t validate that she supports the movement.

Kavuko Kavuko promoting the alphabet people…

Dan KimaniImeingia hadi church

Eugene Mpenda HopeWana promote hii staff LGBTQ??

Irene MutukuHuyu alitafta material inamatch na nguo sidhani anajua fom

Stan N. WillieYou got to be conscious all the time, maybe she is unaware of what you guys are talking about.

JohnnieJohnny Kahûra KibeShe can be excused juu you can even see she’s praying and I’m sure maybe the tailor or whoever made it did not have a clue and she worn it actually pia to match her outfit. Innocent soul

Ruth MoipeiThis social media bullying, sneer and jokes must stop. You shall harvest what you are planting



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