Winnie Odinga tackles social media critics

The current drought situation in the country has hit us all so hard leading to several death cases in different regions.

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party’s leader Raila Odinga, who a year ago put opposition politics aside and vowed to work with President Uhuru Kenyatta, had his last born daughter throw hard line tackles with a few Kenyans on this drought matter.

Winnie Odinga, took to her twitter account to criticized the government by first referring to nation as being a ‘failed stated’ and further urged those who had voted for this government to seek for answers on the ongoing starvation.

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These are the words that did not go down well with one, Benji Ndolo who told Winnie to tell his dad that he is part of the government

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Winnie retaliated by telling Benji that he tells his dad instead that he should have pulled out.

Those are words that did not go well with some netizens who felt that her father, Raila Odinga, is now part of the government.

There was an unending back and forth with twitter users but Winnie remained unmoved. She even futher reminded the people of President Uhuru’s twitter account and asked them to question him directly.


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