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Wilkins Fadhili opens up at NRG Radio

Wilkins Fadhili is by now, no new name to the lips of Kenyans, especially the netizen. The young man has been trending the entire weekend and into start of the new week.

As of yesterday evening, he took to twitter to ask for an interview with a media house, so as to clear up the air.

Wilkins Fadhili requesting for a chance with a media house to explain himself

And in deed, his wish was granted, as today he was hosted at NRG Radio station.

Wilkins confessed that there was truth in what Ruth Ambogo had stated (a story we covered yesterday)

He also confessed that he has been living a complete lie.

“My journey is that of fake it till you make it. I NEVER sold 3000 chapatis nor did I work with the personalities”

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Wilkins further stated that he had an affair with Ruth Ambogo and by the fact the Ruth came out to spill the beans, its a case of a bitter ex.

He emphasized that in deed he won the Ksh 16.5 Million as opposed to the word going round that he didn’t win the money. However, he says that the problem was him having misused the money.

The aspect of him misusing the money, yet he has been branding himself as one who helps businesses and individuals develop into global companies, all this beats the entire logic of his branding.

On the kind end, he is still offering a shoulder to lean on for those he has defrauded.

“I want to make it up with everyone that I have wronged. If I owe you money, kindly reach out to me. I might give you the cash back or still manage your brand since I believe in myself and what i can do.”



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