This is why Liverpool can’t win the league

Liverpool got a point and returned to the top of the league but were frustrated by a Manchester United side that was depleted by injuries.

On the eve of the New Year, on the 31st December 2018, Liverpool were 7 points clear of the second placed Manchester City and seemed to have been the team to beat.

Fast forward and just under 2 months, today the Anfield faithfuls are only a point ahead of the same second placed team.

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On 19th December 2018, this same team outplayed Manchester United, hit 3-1 past the Red Devils that led to the sacking of Jose Mourinho, but fast forward, today the same Liverpool was unable to find the back of the net against a much depleted and injury stricken Red Devils.

Liverpool vs Manchester United
Liverpool vs Manchester United [IMAGE/COURTESY]

The big questions the peg are, what happened to this beautiful team? Where did the rain start beating them?

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  1. This team seem to be cracking under pressure. They can’t handle the pressure of being champions.
  2. Liverpool seem to be lacking medal winners. They lack the individuals to take them across the line
  3. They have no bench power. When compared to their title rivals, Manchester City, an injury to any of the first eleven player of Liverpool leaves the team depleted

For these reasons, I don’t see Liverpool winning this league. The UEFA Champions League will overweigh them and they end up dropping points in the league.



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