Uhuru and Somali PM

Why Kenya and Somali are at logger heads

It is believed that the Somali Prime Minister (PM) Hassan Ali Khayre was defiant to put-off the London meeting that was meant to discuss the rather contentious oil bloc and it is believed that in the said meeting, the same was ‘auctioned’ leading to the ongoing friction between the two countries.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Somali PM met at State House, Nairobi, on 29th January 2019 where it is believed that the President informed the PM to put on hold the auction.

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“Kenya, through multiple channels, has sought to find an amicable and peaceful resolution to the maritime boundary,” Foreign Affairs PS Macharia Kamau said.

The ministry further said that Somali went ahead to auction the oil blocs on 07th February 2019 to UK and Norway.

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Yesterday, the Somali embassy in Nairobi stated that no oil blocs have been auctioned.

Daily Telegraph’s Adrian Blomfield said, “I’ve spoken to my colleague who was at the Somalia conference. He said there was no auction, but a map was shown of oil and gas blocks the Somali government intends to auction in future, some of which may be in dispute waters claimed by Kenya.”

Another source stated that the bid done in London had nothing to do with the disputed land.

The dispute is at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) with an ongoing case.

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UK, Norway, Turkey, Qatar and other players are fighting to gain grounds in the oil rich Somali land. Something that experts claim will derail the land from gaining the much needed peace and stability.

Abdirizak Mohamed, Member of Somali Federal Parliament and former Minister of National Resources tweeted the below:

Mr. Kamau stated that it is Somali that took Kenya to the ICJ and questioned if neighbours and friends take each other to court. He says this is a matter that should not be taken lightly.

Kenya has some interest in Somali with the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) still being in the land.

Source: The Star



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