Why Governor Waititu, 2 MPs and Senator Kihika’s security have been withdrawn

Governor Ferdinand Waititu, Senator Susan Kihika, MPs Kimani Ichungwah, and Ngunjiri have accused the new Inspector General (IG) of Police of withdrawing their security details.

Their security details were withdrawn after attending a Nakuru rally in company of the Deputy President William Ruto.

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The reasons for withdrawal of their security details hasn’t been given but it could be in line with the leaders continued engagement in politics and early campaigns ahead of 2022 Presidential elections.

President Kenyatta has in several instances shunned the leaders from engaging in early campaigns and instead concentrate on development.

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Comments from the MP

MP Kimani Ichung'wa
MP Kimani Ichung’wa [IMAGE/COURTESY]

“Ask them what do they want to do with my family while I am away. They are being told its orders from above in the PS’s office.” Stated MP Ichung’wa who is out of the country.

Tactical reasons behind this:

A politician from Central Kenya told The Standard, “The withdrawal of security is tactical. We are targeting the Mt Kenya heavy weights who had dared the President. Let us see how they will continue playing on the opposite side when the privileges enjoyed have been taken away.”


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