Why advocate Robert Chesang might have been killed

Resident Magistrate Maisy Omungala Chesang will be in custody for 9 more days as the court has allowed police time to conduct investigation.

Chesang was arrested on Sunday night as it was said she paid Ksh 181,000 to police officers to kill her husband, Robert Chesang.

Magistrate Maisy Chesang
Magistrate Maisy Chesang [IMAGE/COURTESY]

It is believed that the couple had marital differences. The differences were so bad that advocate Robert Chesang had files civil case against his wife under the provisions of The Protection Against Domestic Violence Act and the Persons Deprived of Liberty Act.The matter is documented in Miscellaneous Civil Application No. 342 of 2018 with Chesang being the applicant while his wife was listed as the first respondent.

The case was in the hands of Justice George Odunga. “That union seems to be rocked by marital turbulence. Allegations of domestic violence have been made against the 1st respondent by the applicant. It is the said allegations which provoked these proceedings,” Justice Odunga stated back then.

It should be remembered that on 17th February, high court advocate Robert Chesang was killed in his Machakos home after being shot seven times by unknown men.

Could the domestic dispute be the cause of his murder?



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