Where it all went wrong for Televangelist James Ng’ang’a

Controversial televangelist Pastor James Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism was on Sunday night arrested for threatening Citizen TV journalist Linus Kaikai.

It is from his church at Nairobi CBD that the pastor was arrested from and taken to Gigiri Police Station following complain from Linus Kaikai that he had felt threatened by the latest video footage done by the pastor.

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Last week, a viral video of Pastor James Ng’ang’a dressed in a military-like regalia and calling himself “Chief General Commander” threatened consequences believed to be directed to Mr. Kaikai.


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In a Citizen TV show dubbed News Ganga, Linus Kaikai gave his opinion on need to regulate pastors whom he referred to as spiritual fraudsters and profiting from their unsuspecting congregation.

“The people behind these so called churches have gone rogue in the name of Jesus, in the name of God.

“We are dealing with thieves not men of God. These We are cold blooded evangelical vampires living off the blood of their flock in the name of Jesus. They are conmen who must have their date with our police and our law courts. Some of them preach prosperity but only they profit.

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“To these characters, Sunday, a day ordained as the Lord’s Day of rest and worship has become the most profitable day on the trading floor. Offerings flow like a mighty river and onward into their private accounts in the Lord’s name.” Kaikai said.

It is from the above take by Linus Kaikai that Pastor James Ng’ang’a opted to shoot his video in response.

“I am telling you like a Chief General Commander, you have to stop that, if you don’t stop you will face the consequences… I can’t hide you but you can hide me.” Said Pastor James Ng’ang’a.



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