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Weston Hotel land was illegally acquired – William Ruto

Deputy President has come back to state that he is a victim of circumstances in the case involving the rather controversial land on which Weston Hotel sits on.

DP William Ruto has past the blame to the person who sold him the land instead. He says that he was conned into buying the land.

He wants the person who sold him the land to compensate him for the costs he has incurred.

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“Is Weston Hotel a big story? One would think it occupies half of Nairobi but it sits on a 0.7 hectares of land. The land was not bought illegally. The National Land Commission found out Weston was an innocent buyer for value,” Ruto said.

Dr. Ruto has admitted that the land was purchased from one who had acquired it illegally and preparations are underway to have it restored to Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA).

“We have demanded that those who sold the land to us must pay as part of the restoration of the land to KCAA,” said Ruto.

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In a court case, the National Land Commission (NLC) could not prove whether the land was acquired illegally but ruled that it in deed belonged to KCAA.

The chair person to NLC had come out to distance himself from any information regarding the land


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