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Wedding of Governor Waiguru

City lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo is the lucky man to have stolen the heart of Governor Anne Waiguru.

It was exactly 2 days after Valentine day, on 16th February that the city lawyer sealed the deal at Kiamungo in Kirinyaga.

Governor Anne Waiguru at her traditional wedding [IMAGE/COURTESY]

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They say that they met 10 years ago during constitution negotiation and were both representing different organizations. The event was in Coast and their meeting was in Likoni ferry.

There had been much talk of their love, and nothing so far was properly know on the exact status of their relationship.

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The city lawyer proposed to Governor Waiguru at the Lord Eroll hotel in Runda.

The two of them are divorced from their previous relationships. They claimed that they were waiting for the right time to officiate their relationship and now having done with the traditional wedding, they are looking forward to a formal wedding but no dates have been set so far.



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