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‘Virginity pill’ used to fake it on wedding night

They say fake it till you make it. E-Commerce giants Amazon were drawn into a merry-go-round mess in India on allegation that they were selling virginity pills which helps ladies fake their virginity on wedding nights.

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It consists of capsules which has a mysterious “blood-powder” that allegedly imitates human blood. The user has to insert one of these capsules in the vagina a few house before an intercourse so as to fake virginity.

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Its manufacturers argue that the “high quality blood” completely dissolves, posing no health danger to the user.

Amazon India has found itself in a big path of war with the Indian culture and tradition as it is now accused of contravening their taboo.

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In some regions of India, it is mandatory to pass the virginity test, with relatives of the groom inspecting the bed sheets after the newlyweds’ wedding night.

Amazon has been selling similar products on its European store for years, with German company VirginiaCare, getting to a level of selling artificial hymens containing bovine blood.



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