Velvine Nungari Death

Velvine Nungari Death: Kenyans reacts to meeting strangers

Velvine Nungari Death: Raped and brutally murdered

Velvine Nungari Kinyanjui a 23-year-old waitress was raped and murdered by her alleged lover in Kahawa West, Kiambu County.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), has arrested the prime suspect Joseph Kinyua Murimi 33 years old. He was arraigned before a Kiambu Court and the DCI was allowed to detain him for 10 days pending further investigations.

Velvine Nungari Death

According to a statement published on DCI social media pages, the suspects alludes that he had met Ms. Nungari two days before the fateful day. The two booked a room at Sinnot Hotel where the suspect performed the heinous act.

The incidence has elicited a mixed reaction among Kenyans with the majority condemning violence, rape, and murder against women. Those of contra opinion said love for money and shortcut to making it in life has put ladies in such condition.

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We should never allow ignorance to rule us; for us to make new friends we must be ready to meet strangers. Velvine like any other person risked her life to meet a stranger and she met her death. She could have been cautious when meeting a new friend but no amount of explanation can justify the gruesome killing of a life.

Here is how Kenyans reacted:

We can differ on the morality of many things, but where violence and murder are involved, we draw the line.” posted Silas.

“It’s time to shame and End the rape Culture in Kenya! #JusticeforVelvine
NO MEANS NO!!!” Posted Nadia Mukami.

“Rape will never be Justified no matter the situation.” Said Teacher Wanjiku



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