USA dismiss claims of having prior information on Dusit attack

The United States of America has dismissed claims that they had intelligence information that Dusit building will be attacked.

In a statement to newsrooms on Thursday U.S. A ambassador Robert Godec dismissed claims that has been circulating on social media that the embassy had prior information that Dusit complex will be attacked and moved her Citizen out of the building few minutes before it was attacked.

“Contrary to some false reports on social media, the United States had no advance notice of the attack, nor did we ever advise American citizens or our staff to avoid the DusitD2 prior to the incident,” read part of the statement.

Godec further said that those spreading rumours will interfere with the ongoing fight against terrorism.

“We deplore the spread of false information in the wake of this tragedy, which only serves to hamper ongoing efforts to defeat terrorism,” He added.

The Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet confirmed 21 people were shot dead including one police officer, others injured and over 700 people evacuated safely.


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