Violet Kemunto

Unmasking the ‘Al-Shabaab bride’ Violet Kemunto

Violet Kemunto Omwoyo, a woman who is believed to have been part of the mastermind behind the Tuesday terror attack at 14 Riverside Drive that left 21 dead and several others injured, is a woman whose little was known about.

Since that attack, a lot of background search on her has been done, and we have unmasked some insight information regarding this woman.

Ms. Kemunto has 4 siblings; 3 sisters and a brother who is in the US. The family hails from Nyamache sub-county in Kisii County. They converted to islam after her mother (Margaret) re-married a muslim man. The initial marriage of Margaret to Violet’s dad came to an end due to the dad’s drinking habits.

“The dad’s drinking was pretty bad and their life didn’t go well with Margaret. He was also always traveling and she didn’t like that lifestyle,” one of her relatives stated.

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A source says that Margaret lost connection with her Kisii relatives once she broke-up with her husband and married the muslim man. That they almost never visit Kisii and the last time they were seen there was during the burial of their late dad.

Ms. Kemunto is a graduate from Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, having pursued Journalism. A relative says that after her graduation, she went to live in Thika and maybe this is where she met her husband (the suspected terrorist).

She is way at large and the police are still hunting for her. A relative stated that getting through to her was almost impossible as she had at least 3 phone numbers and several Facebook accounts



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