United Nations settles on Mike Sonko to represent Africa at New York conference

United Nation has settled on Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko Mbuvi to represent African cities at the UN General Assembly in New York.

Sonko is the only African leader who is expected to speak during the 73rd UN session about role of cities on global agenda.

The flamboyant governor could not hide his joy when he received the invitation from the UN

“I’m delighted to represent African cities in the UN conference that’s aimed at addressing issues on sustainable development, food security, nutrition and climate change,” said Sonko.

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The event that is scheduled for February 19 has the theme “From Global Issues to Local Priorities: The role of Cities in Global Agenda, including Cities for Sustainable Development, Food Security, Nutrition and Climate Change.”

Nairobi City under the regime of Mike Sonko has witnsed great changes both economically and environmentally that has pushed the governor to get the international recognition.



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