shaniz kartel

Ugandan socialite Shaniz Kartel arrested in Dubai over drug trafficking

Police spokesman in Uganda confirmed that socialite Shaniz Kartel has been arrested in Dubai with drugs.

The authorities in Uganda were informed that over the weekend, a luggage from Entebbe International Airport had been intercepted at Dubai International Airport as it was found to be containing drugs. The owner of the luggage was reported as Shaniz Kartel, Ugandan police spokesman stated.

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According to Shaniz, she had been requested by a friend, DJ Vegas, to take some matooke to him from Uganda to Dubai as she was headed there. The matooke was brought in by someone for Shaniz to carry and take to DJ Vegas. It is said that inside that consignment were the drugs in question.

Police in Uganda are investigating on the person who took the consignment to Shaniz to carry. Furthermore, they are investigating on how comes the drugs went through the security checks at Entebbe Airport unnoticed.

At the moment, Shaniz remains in police custody in Dubai as investigations commence.



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