Tina Kaggia and JB Masanduku in spat as they push for divorce

Comedia Nathan Kimani aka JB Masanduku and former radio presenter Tina Kaggia have had quite a rough ride.

The two got engaged only 11 days after meeting, then got married through the Attorney General’s chambers in 2013.

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Their union lasted only three years but that time they got two children.

Kaggia has in the past alleged that the breakup led her into depression, alcohol abuse and even got to a point of being suicidal.

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Kaggia has also been quoted as saying that JB Masanduku neither provides for their children nor knows where they live.

He doesn’t know where we live. He doesn’t know about my son’s school. Anyone who has their doubts should ask him to produce any receipt of any contribution he has made to the children’s upkeep,” she stated whilespeaking to Pulse.

Further she claimed that the last time JB set eyes on their children was on 21st January 2017.

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On his end, JB Masanduku has refuted those claims stating that Tina has blocked her from the children.

I have not been granted access for a year now by Tina Kaggia, although I support them through insurance. This has affected me, and that is why I have not been in the industry for a while. God is good, though,” he told Word Is.

Currently, JB Masanduku is preparing to marry Jackie Karanja later in November



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