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This man: Wilkins Fadhili

Who is this man, Wilkins Fadhili, that everyone is complaining about. In July 2015 during the visit of the then USA President, Barrack Obama, a young 24 year old man was a guest speaker at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in KICC. As it has come to our desk (though we cannot independently confirm), that marked the start of this man, Wilkins Fadhili.

At the time, Wilkins Fadhili was running a fashion and design incubation hub. But since then, he has evolved through many startups and has been branding himself as a brand ambassador, startup guru, attractor to investors in a business et al.

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He was later named in the same year (2015) in Top 40 under 40 list in Kenya. In 2016, he joint Blaze by Safaricom.

Wilkins Fadhili, on his LinkedIn and other online platforms has presented himself as ‘BrandStrategist | Forbes 30 u 30 | #PersonalBranding Expert | Kenya Top 40 under 40 | Brand Developer’

After all the PR and branding, none of the companies or startups owned by this man has an official website. Instead, he used wix site to market self.

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It was till yesterday when Larry Madowo called him out as a con, that we got the others who had been paining quietly because of this man, speak out.

Below are but a few of complains raised by those who have gone through his hands:

Elani, the music band, came out disowning Wilkins Fadhili
Adelle Onyango’ post on Wilkins Fadhili

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