The skim to reduce President’s power and have a powerful PM – Referendum push

A number of politicians, civil society and religious leaders have been drumming up support for constitutional change through a referendum. A key aspect in it is having an expanded Executive where some of the President’s powers are trimmed and moved to Prime Minister.

One of the targets is to end the winner-takes-it-all situation and bring in inclusivity.

It is believed that the Council of Governors (CoG) is already pushing for this change.

According to Ford-Kenya party leader, this will reduce the mentality of a do-or-die elections in Kenya. The Presidency will be perceived less lucrative compared to the Premier position.

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“Given our ethnic fault lines and regional divisions, we need a new constitutional dispensation that dismantles the concentration of power in the presidency and disperses it to other offices so that the presidency becomes less attractive, hence not a do-or-die affair during every election.

“Kenyans need to agree and vote overwhelmingly for the referendum for a better direction. We don’t have to fight over it like we did in 2005. This will be his (President Kenyatta’s) biggest legacy,” Mr Wetang’ula said.

It is argued that the Presidency has always been used every 5 years to balkanize communities. Others have thought that a coalition of 2 or 3 big communities (ethnic groups) is good enough to win an election, meaning the remaining communities can be neglected.

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The idea is to spread out power so as to do way with the problem of extreme ethnicity and segregation


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