The ‘luckiest’ Kenyan, Paul Nderitu

A Kenyan identified as Paul Nderitu is making headlines for being what we may term as the ‘luckiest’ as he keeps winning all social media give-aways.

The honest quest remains, is this pure luck or is there fraud associated with all this.

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You maybe forgiven for thinking that Paul Nderitu has ‘won’ all these give-aways from a single company. The fact is that he has won them from different companies as Jumia, Uber, JamboJet, I&M Bank, KiliMall, LG and Samsung Mobiles Kenya.

Curious netizens were quick to pick him out with the different social media handles he uses in the competitions.

Here are his various pictures while receiving the awards or being declared the winner.

Safaricom Kenya
House built by MRM
Winner with Samsung
Winner with both StarTimes and Nivea
Winner with Jumia Kenya
Winner with I&M Bank Ltd

He has also changed accounts names in other cases where he was declared winner

Whenever he was being declared as winner, his job titles have also been changing at each presentation.



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