The Future is FinTech

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain are proving to be the future of the Financial Technology sector.

Africa, with its own unique challenges that have pushed it to be proactive and venture into mobile wallets innovations, the leading being mPesa, developed in Kenya but has since spread to many parts of Africa over the last decade.

Consumer demands are greatly changing, there is massive developments in technology and enormous digitization that has made many companies get into innovation to make consumer centric products and thus come up with what is contributing so much to FinTech such as machine learning, AI, blockchain, internet of things, cloud, platform and API.

At the moment, it is still early for quantum computing but the great contributions by use case, frost notes and experiments is a great plus.

Research shows that numbers of connected devices are expected to hit 40 billion by 2022, and as such, big data will push up the need for cloud storage, machine learning, AI and analytics.

FinTech Revolution adn Sectors

Aspect hindering extreme growth are matters to do with data security, resistance to change, regulations and lack of skilled personnel to implement the technological developments. However, one thing that can’t be put off forever is the wave of change that is being brought by FinTech.


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