The cause of death for 6 bodies found at Tsavo Park revealed

The cause of death for the six bodies found at Tsavo West National Park were tortured to death.

Haki Africa executive director, Hussein Khalid, says that five of the six were strangled to death while one was suffocated to death.

Mr. Khalid who was speaking after the postmortem results were released claims that paperbags were used to suffocate the deceased to death.

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“The results show five were strangled to death, they still had ropes around their necks, others had paper bag used to suffocate them. The other one died from an acid attack,” said Khalid.

Families of the deceased will have to wait for up to three weeks for DNA test results to be out.

At least 8 families had presented their DNA samples.The six bodies were found at Tsavo park naked.


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