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Kenyan men have to learn to use coded language to persuade women they are meeting for the first time or they are chatting with on social media.

Hard questions that come with the first meeting has forced men to hide their intentions of seducing and pose as a friend.

Boychild or team mafisi as they are referred have perfected their vibes to have it easy on their mission.

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Here are most used Team Mafisi persuasion lines:

I was just checking on you

Ladies be warn of this phrase from men. The line that is used by most men is mean’t to keep the conversation going. For the reason best known to ladies they will want to know who is this kind person checking on them.

We can just be friends

Someone once joked that this phrase alone can make a girl pregnant. My sister when you hear of such run for your life. How can you be friends with someone you have never come across before. If you say yes it won’t take long before the guy gets out of friend zone.

I have my phone, can you call me please

Sometimes the situation might be genuine but this is a trick to get your phone number. The guy is a ware when you dial the number he will have gotten the number with less struggle.


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