Diamond and Tanasha
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Tanasha, make hay while the sun shines

Many will envy Tanasha with her current lover Diamond Platinumz, ignoring the fact that it’s a position that calls for one to develop enough thick skin just to handle the pressures that comes with dating such a community husband, as his ex Zari would call him.

But hey, this old girl is not one that Tanasha should look out for. It’s rather obvious that she is the last thing Diamond would imagine setting eyes on, again! She is a bygone that has been left to lie.

Despite her constant rants of crying foul on social media on what she thinks Diamond shortchanged her, the duet won’t give her even the littlest of attention. Her desperation for this has escalated even further by her venting frustrations on Tanasha calling her all manner of names.

Isn’t it fantastic how this young Tanasha is so good at keeping her bitter predecessors just where they belong? yes, behind her back! It’s quite clear that Tanasha doesn’t owe nobody an apology as to why diamond chose her over that bitter old cow.

Diamond and Tanasha [IMAGE/COURTESY]

But just as the ex hinted over the former lover being a community husband, this is rather too clear to see even for the disinterested. The guy has spawned all over!Every day we wake up to Diamond shag this Diamond shag that. This has just confirmed the incorrigible flirt he is, ready to send Tiger Woods on early retirement in regards to his ‘side hustle!’

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It all started raining on Tanasha when Diamond was in France shooting the ‘inama’ video. Apparently, he wasn’t just ‘pindaing mgongo’ on set but also another lady’s behind the the curtains!And since then, the trend has been just that, with several east African ladies topping the list. Seems like no woman can keep his loins under key and lock, just for herself!

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Best of luck Tanasha. Enjoy while it lasts even as you prepare to pave way for those of us eagerly waiting in line to be made pregnant by the one and only Mr. Chibu Dangote. Savor every moment because nobody knows the day nor the hour… when he shall consider your geography history!



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