I love him so much-Mr.Seed to Bahati

Mr. Seed has put his beef with fellow gospel artiste and reality TV star Bahati and his wife Diana Marua aside and congratulated them on their new born baby.

Mr. Seed’s wife exposes Gospel Singer Bahati

Nimo Gachuiri, Mr. Seed’s wife, has finally broken her silence on the fall out between Gospel singer Bahati and her husband, Mr. Seed.

Singer Bahati opens up on EMB Records amidst recent exists

Gospel artist Kevin Bahati has decided to speak out following the exists of Mr. Seed and David Wonder from EMB Record and the backlash from his former promoter M4J that he has conned him money.

Promoter M4J exposes musician Bahati over conmanship

Music promoter M4J has taken to his social media account, releasing an expose on gospel artist Kevin Kioko Bahati that very few people knew of

Another artist leaves Bahati’s EMB label

During an interview at Mseto East Africa with Mzazi Willy M. Tuva, David Wonder opened up on his departure from Bahati’s label as well.

Bahati’s wife conspicuous absence from Mr. Seed’s fiancee’s baby shower

Mr. Seed and his fiancee (Nimo Gachuiri) threw a baby shower celebration as her fiancee is about to deliver. However, the most awkward scenario that could give more details to departure of Mr. Seed from EMB Records is that neither Bahati nor his wife, Diana Marua, attended the event.

Gospel singer Bahati lands a new deal

Gospel singer Kevin Bahati has landed a new deal as ambassador for men lotion.

Another twist in Bahati and Mr. Seed’s fallout saga

A new twist to the reasons amounting to the fall out has unearthed. It is alleged that Bahati refused to pay Mr. Seed for his performance during the 31st December 2018 EMB Jesus Party.

Gospel singer Bahati leaves hanging questions with new song, Nyota

On Wednesday 30th January, gospel singer Kevin Bahati released his newest song titled ‘Nyota’ one that ended up leaving more questions than answers from his funs. At the start of the song, Bahati states how he has been looking for…

Mr. Seed leaves Bahati’s EMB Records

Gospel singer Bahati has suffered another loss by the departure of one of the most talented singers, Mr. Seed, leaving his recording studio, Eastlands Most Blessed (EMB) Records. He stated that he is leaving EMB so as to create space…