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Supreme Court on the spot again

During the ruling on the August 08th 2017 Presidential election petition, the Supreme Court looked to have taken a bold and unimaginable stand.

Fast forward, to start of 2019 and the Supreme Court is now being accused of being a stock exchange with accusations and counter-accusations on its judges accepting bribery in the petition cases challenging Governors, Senators and Members of Parliament.

Yesterday, after the ruling on the petition challenging the election of Wajir Governor, the Supreme Court again found themselves on the receiving end.

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It all started with Senior Council Ahmednasir Abdullahi who accused Justice Ibrahim Mohamed of having accepted bribe to change his decision and uphold the election of Governor Mohammed Abdi.

The Senior Council stated that in every case at the Supreme Court, money exchanges hands and the highest bidder carries the day. He then stated that this is well known to both Chief Justice (CJ) Maraga and Judicial Service Commission (JSC) but nothing has been done so far.

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He promised to write a confidential letter to the CJ come Monday and list all the Judges that have been smiling all the way to the bank with stained money.

Kenyans have taken to the ongoing Supreme Court allegation with their thought of the same.



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