Supreme Court judge on spot for threatening security guard with a gun

Supreme Court Judge Mohammed Ibrahim is under probe for threatening to shoot a security guard at his residential home in Spring Valley Nairobi.

Its alleged that Judge Ibrahim threatened to shoot Mr Charles Onguso, a guard at Rans Security Services who was manning his gate.

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Mr. Onguso said that they had a disagreement with the judge before he pulled out a pistol and threatened to shoot him. The matter has been reported at Spring Valley Police Station.

However Judge Ibrahim who spoke to Daily Nation admited that they had a disagreement with the soldier but denied the allegations saying he does not have a gun holder licence.

Supreme Court Judge Mohammed Ibrahim

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“I don’t even have a firearm licence, and neither do I own a gun,I believe that it’s out of that exchange that the supervisor thought I was threatening him and went to file a report with the police. I have no reason at all to threaten a watchman. I have no gun and I have never had one.” He said.

Its believed that the case has been forwarded to the DCI as the officers at Spring Valley Police Station viewed the case as to big for them.



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