CUE list all the unaccredited courses in Kenya

The Commission of University Education (CUE) has unaccredited courses in Kenyan Universities that don’t meet the standards.

The move has affected over 133 courses and approximately 10,000 students.

This has resulted in a stalemate between the Universities administration and the regulator. The fate of the affected students is at stake as the involved parties seek a solution.

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The most pitiful thing about the situation is that the affected students made almost no mistake in enrolling for the courses in question as they had no such information prior.

CUE believes that some of these courses are simply a means of the institutions to mint money from the students

Below is a list of the affected institutions. However, Wadau can’t authoritatively confirm all the courses affected as we are yet to access the official list from CUE.

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List of unaccredited courses

  • Tom Mboya University College – 25 Unapproved Courses
  • Garissa University – 10 Unapproved Courses
  • Alupe University – 10 Unapproved Courses
  • Great Lakes University of Kisumu – 8 Unapproved Courses
  • Kenya Highlands Evangelical University –  7 Unapproved Courses
  • University of Embu – 6 Unapproved Courses
  • Lukenya University – 6 Unapproved Courses
  • Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology – 6 Unapproved Courses
  • Turkana University College – 5 Unapproved Courses
  • Kenyatta University – 4 Unapproved Courses
  • Karatina University – 4 Unapproved Courses
  • Moi University – 3 Unapproved Courses
  • Mama Ngina University (Not a credited university college) – 3 Unapproved Courses 
  • Kabarak University – 2 Unapproved Courses
  • Kenya Methodist University – 2 Unapproved Courses

However, some Universities have come out to term CUE as being insensitive and trying to turn the students against the institutions.



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