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Stop associating me with every corruption – DP Ruto

DP William Ruto has cautioned politicians against associating him with every corruption case.

The DP has pointed out on the opposition of trying to politicize corruption war so as to remain relevant in Kenyan politics.

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DP William Ruto

“They should stop using my name to create false information which all narrows down to petty 2022 succession politics. Every corruption deal is not about William Ruto and a few personalities,” said the DP.

A day ago, DP Ruto had stated that there was no money lost in the Kimwarer and Arror dam scandal. A statement that did not go down well with ODM Leader Rails Odinga.

“I want to inform the person perpetrating these lies that we know his scheme. He is a perennial propagandist. We will continue building mega dams because it is the only solution to decades’ long water shortage problem in arid and semi-arid areas… Corruption is not about me, personalities or “mandazinomics”. We are looking at a project which will improve livelihoods of over 100,000 Kenyans,” Ruto stated.



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