Stanley Livondo wants court to bar DP Ruto from vying in 2022

Politician Stanley Livondo has filed a petition in court seeking to bar Deputy President from contesting in subsequent election.

Through court papers Livondo argues that President, Deputy President and Cabinet Secretaries work as a single unit hence the holder of the office unfit to run for office after their term expires.

Stanley Livondo

“Your petitioner, therefore, prays that a declaration be issued that Article 137 (2) (b) and (3) of the Constitution be interpreted to mean that it applies to the case of the President and Deputy President reelection at the completion of their first term and to a Member of Parliament at their reelection at following general elections,” the petition reads.

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Livondo also seeks the court to bar Cabinet Secretaries from taking up any other Executive role or any other national or county government position once a new President is sworn in in 2022.

This comes at a time when politician and other stake holders wants the constitution interpreted on the expiry term of Deputy President. If after serving for 10 years he/she is allowed to contest for the presidency.



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