Mike Sonko

Some Nairobians have sued Mike Sonko and wants him kicked out of office

Some Nairobians have filled a petition in court against Governor Mike Sonko, and want him to be declared unfit to hold public office.

Enjoined in the same petition is the DCI Geogre Kinoti and Commissioner General of Prisons. Mr. Kinoti has been enjoined as he is the one responsible for issuing clearance certificate (of good conduct) while Commissioner General of Prisons is mandated to maintaining all records of criminals.

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According to the petitioners, Mike Sonko admitted himself of having been incarcerated in three penal institutions after committing several criminal offenses, including fraud.

Furthermore, they stated that the governor had admitted having smoked bhang within the parliament building.

They say that Sonko being in office is in contravention of article 73 of the constitution on leadership and integrity, and article 181 of the constitution on the legibility of a governor.

They thus pray with the courts to declare Mike Sonko unfit to hold office, while have the DCI and Commissioner General of Prisons reveal the criminal records of the governor



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