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Silverstone Air to lay-off pilots and crew members

Silverstone Air, local carrier, is in the process of releasing its staff members and pilots following its suspension by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) that led to the grounding of its planes.

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Yesterday, the airline served its pilots and crew members of a one-month redundancy notice.

This is due to the suspension of its Dash-8 planes by KCAA.

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“Silverstone Air Services Limited has become redundant. This decision has been made as a result of the recent decision by Kenya Civil Aviation Authority to ground the company’s fleet, thereby grounding our passenger services,” the management said.

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The airline stated that the move by KCAA has adversely affected their revenues.

What led to suspension by KCAA

This suspension came from cases of their planes having crashed in the recent past.

In late October, a plane operated by Silverstone Airline crash-landed after losing one of its wheels. The plane was headed to Nairobi from Lodwar but was forced to land in Eldoret.

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Hours before that incident another Silverstone’s aircraft hit and damaged another plane at the Wilson Aiport in Nairobi.

Again in October, a plane operated by the Silverstone Air skidded off the runway and crashed shortly after take-off leaving at least nine passengers with injuries. It was headed to Lamu and crashed shortly after takeoff due to overloading and disregard to the safety regulations at the airport.



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