billian ojiwa

Senator Amos’ Wako son-in law goes missing

Billian Ojiwa, the son-in-law to Busia Senato, Amos Wako, is a missing man. The gentleman has not been seen since Sunday noon.

Billian is the KANU youth chairman and founder of Ficha Uchi initiative.

His wife, Nerima Wako, said that he had briefly stepped out of the house during their visit to their parents and till now he hasn’t been seen.

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Billian and Nerima [IMAGE/COURTESY]

“He didn’t have his phone, his car keys or his office keys. I thought he had gone to the shop. I haven’t seen him since then,” told Nairobi News

The hashtag #FindBillianOjiwa has been started in an effort to trace the missing lad. KANU party has also taken the initiative by asking anyone with the knowledge of his where-about to inform the authorities or family members.



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