Cold war between DP Ruto and Raila Odinga erupts

A war of words between Deputy President William Ruto and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has gained momentum over the past few days.

The two leaders who despite the famous hand shake they not been in good terms. Members of parliament belonging to the two camps have been exchanging bitter words in political gathering for time now.

Exchange of words have taken another direction as the two political leaders have taken it to social media. The war began when Raila said that Pope Francis had directed Kisumu Archbishop to turn down Rutos gift.

“Recently, during the installation of Archbishop of Catholic Diocese of Kisumu, someone took a vehicle to the bishop as a gift. When the Pope was informed that the Archbishop had received a car gift, he [Pope Francis] ordered that the vehicle be returned,” said Raila.

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The DP was quick to reply to the ODM boss. He criticized Raila of being a magician and a worshiper of evil spirits.

“The master of deceit as always is spewing desperate lies. The car gift was bought by Christian leaders including UK and myself at the request of the chair of Catholic mps. Understandably Empowering the church offends magicians and the evil spirits they worship. Shetani ashindwe!” Posted Dr. Ruto.

It was just the beginning of the war of words as Raila foot soldier replied to the Deputy President. National Super Alliance CEO Norma Magaya helped the DP to understand who a real magician is.

“William Ruto must know that the real magician is one who procures towels, tiles, bread etc in a contract for construction of dams. A real magician is one who grabs a school play field, grabs KCAA land and displaces an IDP.” explained Magaya.

Former Director of Digital Communication at State House Denis Itumbi came to defense of Ruto. He questioned why the former Prime Minister gifted Bishop Anyolo with a magical tool.

“By the way, as President @UKenyatta, DP @WilliamsRuto & Catholic MPs gave a Car gift that day to Archbishop Anyolo, what did the AU infrastructure head @RailaOdinga give? A magic tool kit? Apparently to fight evil spirits, not the Bible….well.” Posted Itumbi



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