Romantic disadvantages of dating a short girl

1. Hug time 

There are thousands of stories we have heard about romantic disadvantages of dating short ladies but the truth stands that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Men have their personal taste on ladies and no matter what is said about short ladies, nothing will change. Forget about that short girls are evil hearted, that’s a baseless argument depending on the girl you came across. 

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Ladies come in different packages: tall or short. We focused on bedroom challenges for dating short girls. 

Hugs are the best when she puts her head on your chest, you feel good and relaxed. She gets a feel of your heartbeat, it sounds nice . The problem with dating short ladies come when she gives you a hug but her head is on your belly. The chemical reaction miss out at this point. 

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2 . Kissing 

Imagine kissing a girl who has put on heels but cannot get to your chest. It’s terrible as it sounds you cannot give her a deep kiss because you have to lift her up for a proper kiss. If you want to spare your energy for something different then you have to get her stand on a raised ground. 

3. Girlfriend Security

You have to prove that you are dating a grown up and not a kid. It might be a nightmare keeping in mind that you have to guarantee her security. You need to tame your speech so as to avoid offending her. 



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