Residents of Roysambu treated with an early weekend party after Beer Truck Overturned

Residents of Roysambu, were treated with an early weekend party after a truck ferrying beer overturned in the area along Thika Road.

The resident’s who seemed thirsty for the special water didn’t waste a single chance as they descended on the lorry for the free beer treat.

The residents could not let anything stop them from quenching their thirst, let alone the broken glass or the presence of the police.

Roysambu early party interrupted

The police who arrived at the scene of the accident had rough time controlling the huge crowd that had gathered around the truck.

It wasn’t clear what the cause of the accident was or the fate of the occupants of the trailer, as the residents were not keen knowing either.

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The overturned truck

Netizens react

Kenyans on social media had different views about the photos circulating online about the accident.

Victor Mochere on Twitter had a photo that captioned a man selling beers to commuters on jam along the Thika Superhighway.

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“This guy stole a crate of whitecap from an overturned lorry at Roysambu, and decided to sale the beers at the traffic jam. Entrepreneurship 101 at work. Present opportunities rarely knock twice. Alcohol is important, but money is more importanter. ” Posted Victor

Another use by the name Allen Arnold was of the opinion that the police should allow those around to enjoy the drink.

“Police at Roysambu should allow thirsty Kenyans to quench their thirst. The last time a truck full of beer overturned at my home town, police allowed us to drink as much as we could provided we don’t carry the bottles. Nilikunywa Guinness 14 nikalala kwa kichaka. ” He said.

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Wanjiku Mugane on Twitter sympathized with the Driver of the truck. She questioned about the fate of the driver asking if he will be fired or held responsible of the accident.

” I’m just wondering about the driver who was in the track that overturned at Roysambu. What happens to him is he fired for the losses (broken bottles) or is he fined for the looting? I’m thinking that’s the only way Kenyans will have mercy and not loot whenever a track overturns. ” She posed.

walking away with bottles of White Cap



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