Residents evicted in Railway Estate in Ngara Nairobi

Residents of Railway Estate in Ngara Nairobi, on Monday woke up in a shock after they were kicked out of their houses by police officers.

The tenants who occupy mabati extensions built by main house tenants in Ngara were evicted by law enforcers who were acting on a directive from the Kenya Railways Retirement Benefits Scheme.

Nancy Nyaiso a victim who spoke to Ghetto Radio said the eviction started at 7:30 AM by police officers, without any explanation. She says they were instructed to surrender their keys when they tried to inquire why they were being evicted.

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“They came around 7:30 am and ordered us to vacate the houses immediately. They also told us to surrender our keys and when we tried to inquire why we were being evicted, one of them said they had orders from the Kenya Railways Retirement Benefits scheme.”

She narrates that she was roughed up by one of the police who she tried to talk to.

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“One of the officers who was also evicting us also tried to beat me up when I kept persisting that I need to know why we were being evicted without notice.” She added.



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