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Reasons why Atwoli is losing his influence

Francis Atwoli the longest serving Secretary General of Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU) seems to be losing place in Kenyans heart as days go by.

Atwoli for years he has been known for championing workers rights but the same people he has been fighting for years might have gotten tired of him. Kenyans on Twitter expressed their displeasure when Atwoli was invited for a live show at Citizen TV.

Netizens trolled Atwoli while others opted to view another show that was being aired on KTN News. Where economist David  Ndii was being hosted. We tried to figure out from the  comments why Elder Atwoli might be losing place in workers heart. Here are the reasons.

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1. Too much politics

Atwoli has got into too much politics something that is irritating workers. In the recent past he has joined the Anti-Ruto campaign when workers continue to suffer.

2. Chest Thumping

It seems workers are fed up with their union boss bragging too much. Atwoli has publicly bragged about his expensive lifestyle while workers continue to earn peanuts. Atwoli has also bragged of how powerful he is after political leaders Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga and William Ruto.

3. Family woes

Atwoli’s difference with his wife Rose has tarnished the COTU boss’ public image. Last year it was reported that Atwoli kicked out his wife and son out of their lavish Kileleshwa home. This made people doubt the experienced Atwoli can take of workers if he can’t take care of his family.



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