Reason why HR is not reading your CV

Job seeking in Kenya has been tough and frustrating till others view it as a job in its own. 

The hustle for a job is a nightmare to many,  expecially the fresh graduates. The biggest challenge has always been working experience, a qualification employers have stressed on forgetting that they are dealing with people straight from colleges.

 A part from work experience technology has brought another night mare called Applicant Tracking System (ATS). It is a software that eliminates CVs before it reaches human hand. 

Recruiting agencies insist on sending job applications through email, this could be one reason. 

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According to Miss Phiona an online career coach said that recruiters have established Applicant Tracking System (ATS) a software that is used to go through the CVs before it reaches a human hand. 

“Do you know your CV can be getting rejected by a computer before it even reaches human hands? Many qualified job seekers are not making it past the ATS.  ATS is software recruiters use to sort through hundreds of CV’s.” She said.

 She noted that the flaw of ATS is they can reject great candidates because their CV’s are not key-word compliant or formatted to appeal to ATS

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We analyzed reasons as to why ATS might be skipping your CV and here are the reasons. 

1. You omit keywords in your CV 

The ATS software will automatically skip your CV if you miss keywords in your application letter. The words that matter in your profession need to be included in your CV/Resume. Use both acronyms & spelt out titles.

2. You don’t use free cloud services

These are software that help you look for correct wording to use in CV. Just copy and paste the job description into the generators and the software will tell you which keywords are important to include in your CV.

3.  You don’t Repeat the keywords

 In your CV, repeat keywords related to your skills few times but don’t over do it as the ATS will detect it again. 



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