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PS Charles Hinga talks of the ‘compulsory’ house levy

Principal Secretary (PS), State Department for Housing and Urban Planning, Charles Hinga has reminded Kenyans of the ‘compulsory’ house levy that all employees on a payroll will have to contribute to.

Currently there are at least 3 million people in the employment bracket who will have no option but make the ‘compulsory’ contribution of 1.5% on their gross salary (to a maximum of Ksh 5,000).

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The PS in the government’s defense stated that under this program, the government can provide people in social housing interest of 3 percent for 25 years and those in affordable housing 7 percent interest for 25 years.

When will the program end

For those who thought that maybe this is only a Jubilee government program and will end after 2022, shock on you.

PS Charles Hinga clarified the matter stating its aimed at attaining vision 2030 goals hence it will continue beyond 2022.

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Number of houses to build

The PS was adamant that by 2022, the government will have built the 500,000 houses or even more that they promised in their manifesto.

However he said that the levy will not be deducted from early next month as planned due to the ongoing court case and the respect to the court order.

Choices have consequences

PS Hinga reminded Kenyans that Jubilee government in their manifesto categorically stated of their interest in building 500,000 houses through a public-private partnership (PPP) system. And the fact that Kenyans elected the Jubilee government, people were ready for this.

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Lotto Joto kind of house allocation

The SportPesa, BetIn, Lotto Joto and all sort of lottery, betting and gambling that many Kenyans have become accustomed to is now being taken to another new level by what we hear.

Upon contributing your money, you are not guaranteed a house, but instead, there will be a lottery to determine who gets the house.



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