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Prophet David Owuor followers descend on Njoki Chege

Controversial columnist Njoki Chege, found herself under fire from the followers of Prophet David Owuor after her article on Saturday Nation on an attack to the prophet in which she stated that he is a fraud and has to be stopped from brainwashing his followers.

She made a mockery of the alleged resurrection of mama Rosa in 2017 after the lady passed away ‘again’ and was buried early 2019.

After her rant at the prophet, his followers took to twitter under the hashtag #SomeoneTellNjokiChege to express their disappointment at Njoki and further informed her how she has a corner reserved for her in hell.

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“It is time to stop this bearded nutcase Prophet Owour, aka ‘mightiest prophet’. This self-absorbed charlatan who seems to enjoy protection from the government does not belong in the pulpit, or anywhere near a church. He belongs in jail for lying to innocent souls, giving them false hope and monetising their desperation,” claimed Njoki of the prophet.



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