Promoter M4J exposes musician Bahati

Music promoter M4J has taken to his social media account, releasing an expose on gospel artist Kevin Kioko Bahati that very few people knew of.

The dust had barely settled down on artist Mr. Seed leaving Bahati’s EMB Records on what rumour had it that it was due to failure to be paid for a performance in December at EMB Jesus party, than another accusation touching on money has arisen.

The promoter who claimed to have nurtured Bahati in his music career from the onset till he became a household name, has exposed how ungrateful the singer has been to him.

He stated that Bahati even stopped picking his calls when he owed him money.

M4J has mentioned a number of cases that Bahati owes him. Most of them surround delivery of merchandize (e.g. t-shirts, wristbands, posters et al) for his various performances. However, upon delivery of the merchandize, the various promises and pledges to complete the payment for the same has never been fulfilled.

Furthermore, M4J alleged that Bahati did not grow up at children’s home as he has always claimed.

In the last month, Bahati has seen star musicians Mr. Seed and David Wonder leave his recording studio EMB Label. M4J has alleged that all these is due to Bahati owing them money.

Bahati on his end has neither accepted nor denied these allegations.



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