mildred akinyi odira

Post mortem of Mildred Odira reveals painful death

Mildred Akinyi Odira, the Nation Media Group employee whose death still remains a mystery to be unearthed has had the autopsy conducted and revelations are of a disturbing finding.

The details of the post mortem have been revealed by Millie Odhiambo, Suba North MP.

“The cause of death was the injury on the forehead, it looks like she was hit by a hammer and after she was dead then placed on the road for vehicles to run over her,” the MP said.

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The post mortem further reveal that the injuries on her legs are due to being run over by a car.

Further analysis are being done to find out if she was raped as well.

The driver to the taxi that picked her from her house that fateful night is still under police custody.


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