Police shave a bodaboda rider locks with a knife in Olkalau

A police officer attached to Olkalau police post-Nyandarua County is accused of shaving a bodaboda rider with a Knife on Wednesday.

Edwin Kamau a bodaboda rider in the area had his locks forcefully shaved with a knife leaving him with scores of injuries. According to reports, Kamau had been arrested for an unknown offense before the arresting officer complained that he was untidy.

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It was at this moment that the officer whipped out the knife and cut the hair. The incident caused an uproar among the locals who called for the arrest of the police officer.

Nyandarua Central Police Commander Dahir Abdilah who confirmed the incident said the police officer had been arrested and will be arraigned in court soon.

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The victim is currently receiving medical attention at the JM Memorial Hospital.



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