Over 50 students at Starehe girls being treated of a contagious disease

At least 52 students at Starehe girls are being treated of persistent cough that has attacked the school

The school management has confirmed, the happenings saying the affected girls are receiving treatment and they have been isolated from the rest as they try to contain the disease.

” The Starehe Girls Center Community confirms that the has bben an increasing number of cases presenting with unknown cause of high pitched cough, sneezing and law grade of fever among some of the students.” read the statement in part.

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The management noted that blood samples of affected students of affected students had been collected for further tests.

” 52 Girls have since been isolated for observation within the school . Samples have been obtained for further tests.” Explained the schools.

The school is also working hand in hand with the ministry of Health Department of Integrated Disease Surveillance Response (ISDR) to ascertain the cause of the disease.

Starehe Statement

Doctors from the old Staherian Society have also stepped in to help control the situation.

This after a twitter user Abraham Mutai has shared a video of Starehe girls students seen coughing uncontrollably with some of them in grim of the atrocious conditions their mates are in.

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“A seriously contagious disease has descended in StareheGirls high school. Students coughing uncontrollably like monkeys. Ministry of Health @MOH_Kenya is yet to issue a statement. Are you aware of this or you are hearing from me right here? ” Posted Mutai


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