Oscar Sudi vs Uhuru Kenyatta who will win

Kapsaret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi has choose to take it head on with President Kenyatta on matter of graft. 

The youthful legislator over the weekend linked the Uhurus family to the looting of the public resources that has been rampant in the country. 

Speaking in Kirinyaga during the 6th Devolution Conference the president was quick to reply to Sudi. The president challenged the Kapsaret legislator to go and record a statement to the DCI if he has any evidence against him. 

“Recently, someone said I stole something. I’m telling him to visit Karura Forest – the DCI offices are there. This issue of lamenting at funerals should stop, the dead person will not help you,” Uhuru said.

Oscar Sudi was quick to reply to the head state. He said that he cannot differiate between the office of the President and that of the DCI. He said that the two constitutional office operate as one. 

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“Well, well, well said Mr. President, I agree with you that we must not address these issues in funerals, weddings or other public functions. But unfortunately, Uhuru is DCI and DCI is Uhuru,” Sudi said. 

The Jubilee law maker also challenged his party leader to allow lifestyle audit to be backdated to the era of Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.  

“I am a proponent pf the lifestyle audit which the president has assured he will go first. I however ask that he lets the scrutiny be dated back to the era of his father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. I am ready to have my entire family audited,” added Sudi. 

Sudi a close ally of Deputy President has criticized the war on corruption as targeting one community. 


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