Nominated MP moves to court to stop his expulsion from the party

Nominated Member of Parliament Godfrey Osotsi on Tuesday filed a case,seeking court to stop his expulsion.

The embattled MP now wants the court to stop his party Amani National Congress (ANC) from taking disciplinary against him.Ostosi told court that ANC decision to expell him from the party was infringing his constitutional rights.

“From the evidence herein, it is evident that the impugned decision is the continuation of an unlawful campaign against Osotsi to suppress his democratic right to dissent and is otherwise totally unfounded and malicious,” he told Court.

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The former ANC Secretary General also accused the party of withholding important documents that he will use to defend himself. 

“consistently, deliberately and malicious” withholding essential information that would enable him to respond to the charges leveled against him and facilitate his application for an appeal or review.” Added the MP.

Ostosi is accused of not accounting up to Ksh 50 million party money.



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